At last, the migration of my one server to Amazon AWS is done and I’m extremely happy!

The migration took a while as I had to build up momentum and determine what is the quickest and most efficient way of moving accounts over. In the end the quickest way was to package each account into a tarball (tar.gz) which contained all the files, databases, mailboxes and configurations which can then be restored on the new server accordingly.

I’ve been hosting this server with HostGator for several years, up until now. HostGator served me well for a long time and they offer affordable, managed servers in different flavours to suit your needs. Note the word “managed”… they manage it for you so if you are not server savvy and you run a VPS with them and run into problems, you can call on their technical support to assist you with the problem and sort it out for you.

The main reasons I moved away from HostGator to the Amazon cloud are:

  1. Bang for buck. I can get a much more powerful Amazon EC2 instance for the same price that I paid at HostGator.
  2. HostGator had much downtime and latency over the last couple of months after a migration to Provo, Utah. Urgh…
  3. Flexibility and turnover is quick with Amazon compared to HostGator. You can build servers quick and choose your resources.

To elaborate on the flexibility, there are many areas. Reassigning IP addresses is quick and easy, creating a snapshot and building a new volume/hard drive from that snapshot is quick, upgrading the instance is very easy and takes a minute and so the list goes on.

The main downside of moving away from HostGator is that my server won’t be managed anymore but I have gained enough server administrative experience over the years to do it on my own I believe. I know Linux well and I know a server setup very well too when it comes to the WHM environment with Apache, Exim, Dovecot, Bind, etc.

I am doing daily backups on the new server and think carefully before I do anything. If all fails, I can restore a backup if needed. These backups go from WHM on the server to an Amazon S3 bucket on a daily basis for each account individually and for the server’s databases, configs, etc… as well.

I hope it goes well and that the new server treats us well!