MonthJuly 2014

Amazon EC2 nameservers with WHM

Setting up Amazon EC2 is quick and easy, you can build a server within less than an hour.

I initially used a great guide posted by Rob Scott which shows how to setup a VPC with security group, an EC2 instance and then how to install WHM on it. I used the guide as reference to my own way of doing it though and it gave me the foundation I needed, especially being unfamiliar with AWS.

The guide tells you how to use Route53 for the DNS which I didn’t follow. I wanted to setup my own, private nameservers. The main reasons were aesthetic (the looks of it in WHOIS) and also so that I could point all my domains to the same two nameservers and never have to change them. If an IP ever had to be swapped out, I could just change the IP at the registrar but the nameservers would remain the same.

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Hacked by Iskorpitx

Several of my websites were hacked yesterday.

The site would load and display for a moment and then the entire window would show white with the text “By Iskorpitx“. Because the site loaded, I knew that it was something within the core of WordPress itself or a plugin or a theme which has been hacked which causes this.

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Rustenburg DSTV Installations & Repairs

My wife and I disconnected our DSTV a while back because we were so busy that we didn’t watch it at all and paying the premium each month was a waste and money in the water. Things recently calmed down with work and family life so we decided to switch it back on again. By then, we have switched around our living and dining rooms in the house so we had to move the DSTV cables as well.

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