Rustenburg DSTV Installations & Repairs

My wife and I disconnected our DSTV a while back because we were so busy that we didn’t watch it at all and paying the premium each month was a waste and money in the water. Things recently calmed down with work and family life so we decided to switch it back on again. By then, we have switched around our living and dining rooms in the house so we had to move the DSTV cables as well.

I phoned an old friend of mine whom I know and knew that he was working at the local Rustenburg DSTV office. It turns out that he wasn’t working there anymore but that he was doing DSTV installations and repairs by himself in a private manner. He came out and installed our DSTV at our house and did a very good job with it. It looked good and neat and it worked well too.

I noticed that he could do with some help in the business area of things so I made a proposal, asking if he wanted help in return for shares in the business then we can launch a new venture together. So that is where we are at now. We have started the business and we’ll take it step by step to make a success of it.

My new business partner will bring his experience, technical knowledge and physical labour to the table while I provide funding, new ideas, business structure, offices and more. I think we could make a good team and we will only know if we try it out.

We have had some calls already from our Rusties business listing and we are doing our first installation/migration of DSTV tomorrow morning.



  1. My boxoffice is just louding louding can you help me i wil like ader sofers what you hane

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