Unauthorized Debit Order

I look at my bank statements almost every single day, whether it be via my phone or internet banking on the computer. This morning I found a very suspicious debit order on my bank statement.

Standard Bank: Debit Order R99.00 DIGICASH     27NW4 SONAR   150;  from Acc.8395. 2015-04-30 Query?0860123107

  • I don’t have any debit orders on the 30th specifically
  • I don’t have any debit orders for R99
  • I do not know DIGICASH at all
  • The only SONAR I know is the one that the gynaecologist does.

So I researched a bit and found the DigiCash website and sent them a message through their “Contact Us” page only to get an email back saying that it seems I’ve sent an email to an unattended mailbox:

That’s bull but anyways.

I posted a report on HelloPeter to complain about it. The reports on HelloPeter only stay there for 12 months I think so it will be taken down eventually.

I phoned and emailed my bank, the South African Reserve Bank and also PASA (Payment Association of South Africa) to lodge a complaint and to request an investigation. My bank has requested a reverse and stop on the debit order so at least I get the money bank. Yet ,the principle remains.

DigiCash phoned me very kindly to ask me what the reference/description on the bank statement is and then informed me that the company billing me is called Sonar Investments in Durban who sells products telephonically.

I told her that I have not and will not agree to any services or products telephonically and neither will I ever share my ID number or banking details over the phone just because I’ve learned from it in the past and that this is definitely fraud.

She said that they require a written or verbal mandate from their merchants on a random basis. I told her that they do not have a written or verbal mandate for this charge on my account because I never signed up for anything with DigiCash or Sonar Investments.

She now stopped the debit order telephonically and blocked my account number on their system for future charges.

By South African law, any merchant is required to have a valid, legal debit order mandate in order to charge customers/clients for services/products via stop or debit order as mentioned by PASA.

Good luck guys, check your bank statements and let’s have these guys closed down.



  1. The same thing happened to me today. My Acc got debited with R99 from Ubuqotho Digicash. I managed to stop the debit order, but what else can we do to stop this from happening in the future? How are these people getting our bank account details etc? Please let me know if you have any more information regarding this issue

  2. I had the same problem this month. I saw a debit order on saturday morning of R99 and this is for the 3rd time in a year. With the first one I tried everything under the sun to trace these people but I released that it is going to take me a lot more than the R99 to bring them down. The bank gave me a mobile number, which i dialed and a lady answered. She told me to “just ask the bank to reverse it and move on with your life”. My question is, “How many times do they succeed and how much do they make from those successes?” Millions of rands. All i did this time was to ask the bank to reverse the debit.

  3. I also had this problem today (30/09/2015).
    I placed a complaint with hellopeter. My bank (ABSA) confirmed endless problems with Digicash. How can they continue to operate after all these years?
    That’s right, this has been going on for a long time.
    There must be a way to get the authorities to act on this.
    Digicash have a website with their physical address as well as telephone answering services, so it is not difficult to track them.
    Any authorities out there listening?

  4. Thank you this was kind of helpful; because 1 at least I’m not alone and 2 I haven’t been successful as you though because my issue hasn’t been resolved yet.

    I discovered that on my transitional account that I seldomly use there has been debit orders of R99.99 which now have changed to R99.00. However the company name kept on changing from Digicash to GR life to lifecare and I only told my bank to trace who it was today.

    They also told me they cannot block the debit order as it goes off on completely different dates.

    I’m sad and want this resolved asap but don’t know how. please help

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