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Responsibility Towards Money

Money isn’t evil, money is just money and fortunately but unfortunately we cannot live without it. As much as we may want to deny and fight it, we need it! More importantly, we also really, really want more of it.

So we don’t have to fear money, we simply have to get our heads around it and take control of it in our lives. We can eliminate financial stress and also reduce the impact that money makes in our lives by just being in control of it.

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cPanel: Run backup manually

Run cPanel backups manually via command line.

For the legacy system, use this command:


For the new backup system, use this command:


The latter is most likely what you’re looking for and you can append it with a --force parameter to force the backup to start running.

And then you can tail the log that it outputs if you want to watch it as it runs.

How can I force a backup to run on the new 11.38 system in command line? Best Answer: Yes, you can use: /usr/local/cpanel/bin/backup –force Thank you.

Source: Force backup to run using new 11.38 system | cPanel Forums

WordPress Hosting | Tribulant Software Blog

WordPress Hosting

WordPress optimized hosting!

It is important to have fast, secure and easy hosting for your websites. At Tribulant Software, we provide you with the best quality shared hosting available.

The hosting is WordPress optimized but not restricted to WordPress. Free WordPress installation is included with all packages or you can use the automatic WordPress installer to do it yourself if you prefer, it is included in your hosting control panel.

Host your websites now

Source: WordPress Hosting | Tribulant Software Blog

CSF: How to Setup root forwarder

ConfigServer Security & Firewall may tell give you a warning on security check “Check root forwarder” under Mail/Exim.

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Fix Bootstrap 3 and Prototype.js Conflict

When using Bootstrap and Prototype.js, certain Bootstrap features break as a result of jQuery triggering events with the same names as Prototype events.

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PHP increase session time

When you use PHP sessions for your applications, the sessions have a specific period of time that they remain active for when idle. The session time is restored when you are active though.

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