ConfigServer Security & Firewall may tell give you a warning on security check “Check root forwarder” under Mail/Exim.

There are two ways of fixing this issue, pick one, the first is the easiest using UI:

1. WHM/cPanel

In WHM, go to Server Contacts > Edit System Mail Preferences.

You can then configure root, nobody and cpanel mail accordingly.

2. Via command line with .forward

Login to your server via SSH or another protocol as needed and cd into /root/ . Check if you see a .forward file there. If not, you can just create it.

And then simply put your desired email address on the first line and write and close the .forward file accordingly.

Hi, I just installed CSF as cPanel Add-on on my dedicated server. On doing test scan the it tell me Exim Check Check root forwarder Status .Comment

Source: Howto Setup root forwarder [CSF (ConfigServer Firewall)] | 17054 | JaguarPC