What is happiness exactly?

By definition, happiness is the state of being happy. Pleasure, enjoyment and being content.

With that being the case, I don’t see how we can all experience happiness all of the time since there are various factors and emotions influencing our lives every single day. It is practically impossible to just be happy all the time. At least I don’t think so.

Theoretically, happiness is a choice as much as it is a state. You have the choice to be happy no matter what happens to you or what happens around you. Meaning, you could be grateful and positive in each and every situation that you’re in or which you have an influence in.

What if the subject depleting your happiness is out of your control? Will you still try and be positive throughout it or would you say that being happy is a matter of being in control of your surroundings? Or your reaction to it? Which one?

I personally try to stay happy most of the time. Being happy doesn’t mean you should smile or that you should be humorous, it means that you are content. You could be content while being angry, scowling someone for whatever reason or you could be happy while being constructive, completing a chore or finishing of a project at work. Can you be happy while you are embarrassed or hold it as your state while you are frustrated? People often don’t get frustrated while others very well do. Does it mean that those who are more calm and composed have a better grasp and control of their happiness?

Happiness probably doesn’t just translate to your current state of being but could be interpreted to what you feel like or what you are like over the long-term as well. Are you happy in your career and where you are heading? Are you happy with the choices that you’ve made in the past? If not, do they prevent you from experiencing happiness today where you are at this moment in time? Is your spouse not happy with your marriage while you may partially be or the other way around? Are your children happy with what you are providing them and are you happy with how your children have turned out till thusfar? If not, does it mean your children are a disappointment and are doomed to be a failure in the future?

I don’t have these answers but it certainly is a very interesting topic.

What makes me happy is just the ability to not worry about the little things in life but rather appreciate the wonderful creation of our God. I love my family, good music, a breakaway, positive results from investments, the rain, nature as a whole, feel good people and of course red wine!!!

Enjoy your life, let’s try and be happy. I don’t see why so many of us have to be depressed and drag along wondering what’s next. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you have but it certainly does matter how you appreciate the wonders and blessings in your life as you have them right now.

Enjoy! You owe it to yourself!