When you design or create your own product or service, you do it because your mind has formulated an idea of something useful, wonderful or spectacular. You may think of this idea intentionally to start a new business or it may be something that rushes into your mind spontaneously. Either way, once you have it, give it some thought. Simmer on it and weigh up the pros and cons.

Once you have determined that it is a viable and feasible notion, go with it! Some statistics may prove a market for something and other statistics may indicate otherwise but I believe you should follow your heart and pursue it. With enough drive and passion, you can make a success of it. That includes hard work.

No market is saturated, anyone can take the wheel and steer!

Designing and creating your product or service is a different story. You will have to really apply yourself to it – depending on what it is – and conquer the milestones it consists of. As some would call them “hurdles”.

Sounds simple, right? Not really! Taking an idea to the next level and building that momentum up until you found some entry into the market is very, very hard work. The idea of thinking that starting a business is simple is as simple as having an idea and never putting it into action, momentum, success!

I would love to read more and write more about this topic. It is my passion. I love being an entrepreneur. I also really enjoy business. It is hard work but very satisfying. The enjoyment and achievement outweighs any other rewards that this venture and journey may hold for you.

I have been an entrepreneur for many years and have launched several successful business still running today. They are each a great joy with it’s own challenges.

All I can say is that it is not about the money. Don’t start a business with only the idea to make money, you have to at least enjoy or like what you are doing as well. If you shift your mind and daily processing thoughts toward the financials, you may surely lose sight of your goals. You may or you may not but even if you don’t, you will not enjoy what you are doing.

I will do some research and give some steps to starting your own business. I have come across great information in the past such as articles and videos in which I found inspiration. I’ll do a follow-up and post some of them here with an opinion.