CakePHP 3 – Remove subfolder from URLs

With CakePHP, the primary and easiest way is to install it via composer. As specified in the CakePHP installation instructions.

If you follow those instructions, you’ll end up with a subfolder in your public HTTP folder of your hosting. And even if you try to create the project directly in your main, public HTTP folder of your hosting, composer won’t do it because the folder may not be empty.

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PHP increase session time

When you use PHP sessions for your applications, the sessions have a specific period of time that they remain active for when idle. The session time is restored when you are active though.

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Open Google CSE Results in Same Tab/Window

Google CSE let’s you host a custom Google search on your own website or application for users to search and see results from Google for your site or a specified set of sites. Google CSE stands for Custom Search Engine.

The custom search engine by Google works great, I love it. It indexes your specified sites and displays very accurate, relevant results.

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Solved: OS X Yosemite git svn broken

I upgraded from OS X Mavericks to Yosemite and my git svn broke as a result.

I use Git and Subversion both in my development. Some Git repositories link up to Subversion repositories which I then push to Git and commit to Subversion using git svn dcommit.

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