cPanel/WHM Frozen Emails root@

In WHM I had emails to nobody and cpanel under “Edit System Mail Preferences” setup to go to root but nothing specified for root.

The setup basically became confused and I was stuck with thousands of frozen emails to root@hostname emails in Exim hogging the email queue.

You can quickly and easily find and remove all frozen emails in the Exim queue with ease. See the command and then the link below.

exim -bp | grep -c frozen

Source: WHM – Removing Frozen email from exim (Cpanel fozen emails)

cPanel/WHM: Change mail server IP address

I love emails, it fascinates me! I am still frequently surprised and intrigued by the various algorithms and procedures that mail servers follow to look up, identify, read and process emails. Working with emails and making sure that headers, identification, content, etc. are all appropriate can get tricky. At least we can reduce the stress caused by blacklisted IP addresses!

Let’s get started!

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cPanel: Run backup manually

Run cPanel backups manually via command line.

For the legacy system, use this command:


For the new backup system, use this command:


The latter is most likely what you’re looking for and you can append it with a --force parameter to force the backup to start running.

And then you can tail the log that it outputs if you want to watch it as it runs.

How can I force a backup to run on the new 11.38 system in command line? Best Answer: Yes, you can use: /usr/local/cpanel/bin/backup –force Thank you.

Source: Force backup to run using new 11.38 system | cPanel Forums

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