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Fix Bootstrap 3 and Prototype.js Conflict

When using Bootstrap and Prototype.js, certain Bootstrap features break as a result of jQuery triggering events with the same names as Prototype events.

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PHP increase session time

When you use PHP sessions for your applications, the sessions have a specific period of time that they remain active for when idle. The session time is restored when you are active though.

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What is a financial asset?

Your biggest financial assets is not your wealth or what you own that is worth a certain amount of money. 

Real assets are your investments that generate a residual income for you. May it be stocks, income generating property, royalties, patents or a business that is managed for you. They are in contrast to your liabilities. 

Your income is not an asset and neither is your job. A car is not an asset and neither are most of the luxury items that we buy to enrich our lives. In most cases a house is not an asset either unless it generates an income, pays its own taxes and also appreciates in value. 

So start investing in assets that generate income with little or no work at all. Or at least initial work so that you can move forward to acquire more assets that generate more ongoing income for you. 

The rich become richer because they invest in assets that generate income exceeding their expenses giving them leverage. 

cPanel: Copy someone on all incoming/outgoing emails

Send all incoming/outgoing emails to someone as a copy using cPanel.

The department manager or boss of the business may want to be included on all emails that employees/staff receive on their email accounts as a copy. Most preferably a BCC so that it is hidden/unseen.

You can achieve this with cPanel and Exim filters.

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WHMCS Load All eNom TLDs

Load all possible TLDs into WHMCS supported by eNom.

If you have WHMCS installed and you do not want to go through the painful process of typing all the TLDs one by one and set their pricing by hand, there is a solution.

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Amazon CloudFront Wildcard Cache Delete

The Amazon CloudFront wildcard cache invalidation is supported at last.

For a long time this was not available and was a much requested feature, even forcing users to head over to different content delivery network providers. At least for me.


This is great news and will certainly make CDN management via Amazon CloudFront so much easier.

Source: Amazon CloudFront wildcard cache invalidation | The diary of a CTO

Install WHMCS in CakePHP (Invalid Token)

Installing WHMCS into CakePHP may give you an “Invalid Token” error as you try to perform tasks in the admin dashboard.

You may search online and find several discussions regarding PHP sessions which is true but not entirely. Some suggest changing the session’s name with PHP session_name('WHMCS'); in the configuration.php file. The real problem is with the rewrite base caused by CakePHP’s parent .htaccess file in the root.

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Open Google CSE Results in Same Tab/Window

Google CSE let’s you host a custom Google search on your own website or application for users to search and see results from Google for your site or a specified set of sites. Google CSE stands for Custom Search Engine.

The custom search engine by Google works great, I love it. It indexes your specified sites and displays very accurate, relevant results.

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WordPress Check If Is Dashboard

There is no specific function in WordPress to check if the current screen is the Dashboard screen. So best is to use

To check if it is currently the admin panel, the Dashboard as a whole, you can use the is_admin() function which returns a boolean true | false. Please note that wp_ajax_ requests will also return true on is_admin() though.

Source: Function Reference/get current screen « WordPress Codex

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