New Amazon Devices


Amazon is introducing several new devices in it’s range of tablets, streaming and media players. This is super exciting and there are 7 new products in total!

The 7 new products from Amazon will release on the 30th of September 2015 but pre-orders are open right now at amazing prices. Grab them while they are hot. They all include special offers.

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Amazon CloudFront Wildcard Cache Delete

The Amazon CloudFront wildcard cache invalidation is supported at last.

For a long time this was not available and was a much requested feature, even forcing users to head over to different content delivery network providers. At least for me.


This is great news and will certainly make CDN management via Amazon CloudFront so much easier.

Source: Amazon CloudFront wildcard cache invalidation | The diary of a CTO

Server Migration to Amazon EC2

At last, the migration of my one server to Amazon AWS is done and I’m extremely happy!

The migration took a while as I had to build up momentum and determine what is the quickest and most efficient way of moving accounts over. In the end the quickest way was to package each account into a tarball (tar.gz) which contained all the files, databases, mailboxes and configurations which can then be restored on the new server accordingly.

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