git svn Item is out of date

From my experience, git svn is troublesome but sometimes you have no choice.

Using only svn or only git is fine. I used to love svn and switched over to git primarily due to it’s user-friendly structure and interfaces. Unfortunately using git and svn together with a git repository pushing to a subversion trunk branch or some similar setup can get tricky.

I’m not an expert with git svn but I do have some experience with it mainly due to hosting plugins on the WordPress plugins directory and repository.

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Solved: OS X Yosemite git svn broken

I upgraded from OS X Mavericks to Yosemite and my git svn broke as a result.

I use Git and Subversion both in my development. Some Git repositories link up to Subversion repositories which I then push to Git and commit to Subversion using git svn dcommit.

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